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 Do you ever remember the classic design which has been popular for many years? Complete by different shape of roofs, a variety of sliders,  full range of colors, the design & combination can be customized. 

Constructed by the LLDPE and supported by Hot-dip Zinc tubes, All the Climbing series products can be designed based on your special requirement, and We will give you more options to optimize you playground.

We commit to encourage kids of all ages to learn and exercise as they play. A playground is a living environment that allows children to develop their creative thinking, enthusiastic learning, coordination, to feed their imagination and to enhance their interaction with partners. A playground provides places children take enjoyment in challenge themselves in some facilities. Bole acts upon our values by creating and manufacturing an extensive line of playground equipment, swing sets, sliders, climbers, tubes, elbows, spring toys, as well as landscape playground equipment, all with a wide array of color combinations.