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Taichi Spinner  BL-065B

Product ID: Taichi Spinner

Model No.:  BL-065B

Size:  1680×1350×2000mm
Loosen tight muscles and ligaments and promote flexibility in the upper body, stimulating digestion & circulation and helping relieve tension
1. Stand with the knees slightly bent, feet shoulder width apart with the chest centrally positioned between two of the spinner wheels, and tailbone tucked under, and keep spine straight; 2. Place left palm with fingers opening at the top to the left wheel, right palm with finger opening at the bottom of the right wheel; 3. One hand moves clockwise, while the other moves counterclockwise, either toward each other or away from each other to form gentle circles with arms; 4. Alternating the direction of rotation during exercise with increase effectiveness; 5. Breathe deeply and move slowly; 6. Increase repeats as your fitness improves.