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Bole is committing to provide outstanding outdoor playground components, playground equipments and outdoor playground structures. All our equipments are made from environment-friendly or recycled material, Bole equipments are innovative designed for long lasting, superior safety and low maintenance, and provide great play-value.

To maintain longer-lasting for all the steel equipments, we already apply with hot-dipped zinc metal coating parts, and finished by electro-statically powder-coating for all the new design equipment, this is complete with highly recyclable materials, without PVC or lead utilized in the manufacturing process, electro-statically coating primer with super durable polyether top coating get rid of rust, corrosion and chipping problems. In addition, the building of heavy duty restrictors and dampers provide much safer and more valuable exercise, while self-lubricating bearings keep all the equipments ongoing working.




Swinging is as a classic way to keep kid moving, and they will never get tired of it. Bole is always developing swings in varying styles. All our new swings are designed to be easy for assembly and disassembly, cheap for shipping, but meanwhile to provide outstanding safety guarantee for all the customers. Here are swing sets with different frames, seats, chains, also a variety of material, colors and shapes for your selection.




When play in the trampolines, Children are staying in the fresh air to enjoying the jumping fun during the bounce games. However, the safety of your children is the foremost from all. Bole has been supplying quality trampolines for over a decade, and all our available trampolines are with stiff springs designed for loading of 300 pounds. Are you looking for a trampoline? Take the various shapes, sizes, qualities, and the key point- safety classes into your consideration.


Are you looking for something to make your outdoor environment more attractive, more practical? Come to our site furnishings. Bole provides perfect recycled material of benched with trash receptacles for your reference. All these stylish and durable features together with our equipments will properly complete your spot, enhance the beauty & benefit of your park or backyards, and create a real comfortable and fantastic gathering center.

Plastic toys are essential when creating a playground park or community. Bole will give you a full range of items to satisfy your diverse requirements, from indoor toys to outdoor equipments, from sporting items to plastic toy vehicle, from sliding unit to swing sets, from single play unit to small playing structure, our plastic toys provide a broad vision and keep your kids enjoyable.





A spring rider or spring rocker is a bouncy, outdoors play device. Bole spring rider consists of alloy steel spring beneath high density plastic seats & support, and here we have a full range of designs, shapes & colors. Sitting on it, it will provide thrilling bouncy fun to your children by moving and bouncing.





As part of Preschool teaching equipment,  the plastic chair & table has been widely used by those kindergarten or preschool purcahsers. Bole provide all these equipment with a full rang of sizes, various shapes & colors, and we now has been acting as appointed supplier for local childhood education department.




Safe Surfacing is very important for any playground; it provides safe, skid proof covering, and meantime, increases buffer when kids fall down or fall over the ground. Bole provides not only a safety surfacing, but also with an environment protection, wear-resistant, and anti static covering for your playgrounds.