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Tips for Customer


Tips for maintenance of outdoor playground equipments
Plastic parts take an additional bearing in the summer' s sun and winter' s cold. Check all plastic parts carefully and frequently-especially those parts designed to support a child' s weight. You can often buy replacement parts such as swing seats, slide tops, ladder rungs, bolt caps, tube end-covers, etc. from local dealers or from the manufacturer.
A chain of swing sets, rings and hand holds, Etc. must be checked frequently for smooth functioning and for signs of wear, weakness or rust. Replace them when necessary.
Use non-toxic paints when repainting any children’s products. Take care of rusted parts as soon as possible.
Check all nuts and bolts regularly to make sure that they are tight.
The surface of slides must be smooth and show no wear and there must be no gaps, pinch points, or rough edges in the sliding surface.
Maintenance of protective surfacing materials is essential. If the required depth of surfacing material is not maintained then these surfaces are not considered safe.

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Tips for maintenance of outdoor fitness equipment
Although very little maintenance is required, it is important to draft a plan where someone is responsible for regular inspections. Generally, it is a matter of checking the locking nuts and bolts. Should any equipment failure be evident, these issues will be covered by the warranty information.
The Outdoor-Fitness Equipment is steel covered in a state-of-the-art, high-tech durable powder coating. The high-tech powder coating process that is used to cover the steel is a quality pure polyester powder prepared for electro-static application. It is the same anti-rust technique that is used in automobile and watercraft manufacturing. The equipment does require very minimal maintenance, but, please remember, the equipment should be looked after, and not neglected or treated poorly, and for optimal function and resiliency. Regular inspection and care, such as correctly positioning sprinkler heads, will add to the durability and life of the equipment. For optimal results, maintain the paint surface much like an automobile or vehicle paint surface. Waxing the paint surface (much like the paint job of a car) and using WD-40 in the moving joints on a regular basis can help to increase the life of the equipment.
Protect and Preserve Your Fitness Investment
by creating an effective maintenance plan for your fitness area, you can maximize the lifespan and safety of your equipment. Here are some basic maintenance fundamentals for you to consider as you plan your Outdoor-Fitness, or any publically or privately used fitness area:
Preventative maintenance tasks can be performed to increase the life of your equipment. These tasks can be done over time to minimize wear due to age, usage, and the environment.
※ Apply touch up the paint on high-traffic equipment that's been scratched or scraped, or may be showing signs of environmental damage such as rust.
※ Inspect moving parts, nuts, bolts and hardware connections.
※ Correctly positioning sprinkler heads and area water flow can add years, if not decades, to the life of your equipment.