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Safety is of the utmost importance to everyone. It is paramount to our company and all equipment as there is no greater priority than keeping people safe. All of our metal equipment is fully hot-dipped galvanized and electro-statically powder-coated and complies with all health and safety requirements. Our metal equipment is treated with a zinc metal thermal spray, which extends the life of the paintwork and helps to reduce maintenance costs. Lead and cadmium-free polyester powder paint is then applied electro-statically, creating a corrosion resistant finish. This metal finishing system enables us to confidently providing our customers with extensive guarantees. All our plastic equipments is made from LLDPE or HDPE, both are phthalate free, lead free, and cadmium free, making it safe for our environment and our health. We offer a variety of safety surfaces solution for all our outdoor playground equipments.

Bole Outdoor Fitness' equipment can be used by anyone aged 14 years and up with minimal concern of injury. Safer surfacing and installations are never compromised where people are concerned. We recommend that our exercise equipment be installed at a location which is separated from children's play areas. In addition, this location and the installed equipment should be identified with proper signage and labels as intended for use by people over the age of 14. Each installed unit comes with a safety label and with a user guide label.

Every set of Bole equipment is supplied with a professionally designed & detailed instruction label. These labels are made of metal and riveter onto the equipment, which makes it clear, easy to understand and provides guidance for every visitor. A pictogram of the piece in motion, benefit, full instruction, safety notes along with our contact information are all comprised in the labels. We can also customize to meet any of your special requirements.