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Bole employs professional audit teams and is operating audit process on all available suppliers every year. We purchase material only from approved suppliers.

100% Made in China
For over 20 years, Bole has been manufacturing playground and fitness equipment in China. During this time, we have retained our skilled employees. In fact, our average employee tenure is over 6 years. This allows us to lead in service, quality, and product innovation, and to build you the best possible playground & fitness equipments for your school, park, or community. Bole has obtained wide OEM experience for overseas customers; we promise all the equipments, from raw material, spare parts to the entire system, are 100% made in China. Steel, cast iron, stainless steel, and aluminum products are manufactured using maximum combined post-consumer and post-industrial recycled metals.
Super Durable Paints
The application of super durable polyester power coating provides enhanced, light-stable pigments for superior UV stability and fades resistance.
Stainless Steel Hardware
All Bole equipments' hardware is stainless steel to prevent rust and corrosion, which requires only basic wrenches for assembly.
Posts and Tubing
The cold-formed steel tubing provides high-shield, high-tensile strength and has an interior corrosion resistant coating. Our tubing undergo hot dipped zinc metal coating, chromate conversion coating, washed and sanitized before we apply a baked-on powder-coating for a strong molecular adhesion to all of our tubing, components, and posts.
Aluminum mold
To improved quality & enhance plastic parts, we newly introduced aluminum mold for all the rolling plastic parts production, which enhanced uniformity of plastic parts, and consequently improved quality. Meanwhile, the products rolled by aluminum mold provides smoother and glossier surface of plastic parts.

Bole aims to use recycled materials wherever possible in the manufacturer of its own equipments.