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Maintenance Operator Qualification
Any crew or team implementing the playground system maintenance work should be qualified with a basic knowledge of a playground equipment and with the ability to identify recognizable hazards, should be with a good working knowledge of the broad spectrum of playground equipment and how each item functions, should has a thorough knowledge of, and access to, the appropriate Safety Standards and some experience of this industry, and should has the ability to recognize obvious existing and potential hazards and their possible consequences under certain circumstances is also necessary. Regularly and formally courses for all the components of your play space should be taken, and should be recorded. A full set of official maintenance documents is essential and need to be distributed to all the maintenance team members, and to be followed accordingly. To decrease loss of any warranty or accident, all the inspections or repairs should be kept an official record.

High-Frequency Maintenance
Many routine maintenance tasks are custodial in nature, and need to be performed on a regularly scheduled basis, often daily.
※ Pick up litter
※ Sweep walkways, trails or areas.
※ Check potential wear points and mechanisms with movement
※ Inspect and tighten hardware connections
※ Check for any damage caused to the equipment by external elements.
※ Level and/or replace displaced loose-fill surfacing
※ Loosen any compacted surfacing so that it remains even and easy to move around on.
Mid-Frequency Maintenance
Create a schedule of preventative maintenance tasks that should be performed at periodic intervals due to age, usage, and the environment. For example, you may need to touch up the paint on high-traffic equipment that's been scratched and scraped, or install replacement swing clevises and motion bearings for preventative purposes.

Low-Frequency Maintenance
Make a plan to have a detailed, thorough safety audit and inspection of your playground's structural integrity performed at least once a year by experienced, trained personnel. For more resources or consultation, please contact us. (此处设置超链接)